Does the HEADCASE PRO prevent fogging and condensation build-up between the lens and protective dome?
There is always a risk of fogging inside the lens dome or filter, based on air condensation and weather conditions when you prepare the camera. If there's moisture in the air it will get into your case. Always prepare and seal up your gear in a warm, dry environment to prevent fogging.

How can I be sure the HEADCASE PRO door won't accidentally open in a strenuous situation?
We've incorporated a small threaded hole that passes through the lowest part of the door and foot of the housing, directly beneath the latch. An Allen screw travels in this hole in the door at all times. When you must absolutely lock the door, just remove the screw, slide it through the foot into the door and tighten.

Will the HEADCASE PRO accommodate the WiFi Pack?
The HEADCASE PRO will accommodate the WiFi pak, but it's exactly 1mm thicker than the Monitor Pak and 1mm thinner than the Battery Pak. To keep proper pressure on the WiFi Pak inside the case you must add a 1mm thick piece of foam or insert onto the backs side of the Pak.

You must also position the rubber door hood/gasket with the word "Battery" oriented toward the arrow located on the inside of the door.

How much does the HEADCASE PRO weigh?
The entire HEADCASE PRO housing with camera and Battery Pak is just 12.5oz.

The HEADGEAR weighs just 14oz with camera and Battery Pak.

They're both incredibly light and strong!

What is the functional difference between using the camera with an UNRULY Lens Kit vs the standard dome lens that comes with the clear case?
The dome that comes with the GoPro clear case shoots 10% narrower than the naked GoPro camera lens and it will blur around the edges underwater. Removing the dome and adding a wide, thin piece of glass in front of the naked lens is the only way to achieve proper filtration and prevent vignetting.

The UNRULY Round and Square lens rings do not vignette in wide modes and allow for filtering. Both rings also work with the stock clear dome in place of the filter glass for use with the our protective lens cap.

What's the difference between the HEADCASE PRO and HEADGEAR?
HEADCASE PRO is an enclosed, sealed case with nine mounting points for the GoPro camera and accessories - without the clear case.

HEADGEAR is an open, exo-frame that surrounds your GoPro clear case and accessories. HEADGEAR protects your camera and gives you eight mounting points with rock-solid stability.

You can also mount just about anything to either case.

*Although the HEADCASE PRO is sealed, it's not meant for underwater use like the HEADGEAR with the GoPro clear case.

Does HEADCASE PRO remain water tight?
The HEADCASE PRO is rubber sealed for water and dust, but it is not designed for full submersion.

Does HEADGEAR use the clear case?
That is correct. The HEADGEAR is an exo-frame with eight mounting points that encompasses the waterproof GoPro clear case.

Does the HEADGEAR work with the extended doors for the monitor and external battery?
The HEADGEAR is specifically designed to function with the GoPro clear case and retain full, normal door access and functionality. That was a design requirement from day one!

What size are the lens ring filter threads?
The UNRULY Round Lens Ring uses standard 55mm round screw-on filters.

The UNRULY Square Lens Ring is designed to work with standard 2"x2" square filters.

We provide a clear filter with each lens ring.

What grade of aluminum are these products made from?
6063-T6, commonly used for aircraft components.

What consideration have you given to aircraft wing mounting?
We are currently working on getting an exclusive safety certification for use of the HEADCASE PRO in dangerous or extreme situations such as aircraft or race tracks.

The door on the HEADCASE PRO includes a locking screw for additional safety.

Many UNRULY customers are already using our cases for aircraft mounting. We recommend the robustness and safety of the HEADCASE PRO vs the exposed surface of the HEADGEAR with GoPro clear case.