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R Lens Ring

The UNRULY R (round) Lens Ring replaces the standard GoPro ring while providing standard filter options, lens protection and eliminating underwater lens blur.

  • Accepts standard 55mm round, screw-on glass filters.
  • Eliminates underwater blur.
  • Pressure rated with front and rear o-rings.
  • Low profile shape means the R Lens Ring will not vignette in most shooting modes.
  • Remove the glass filter to use the R Lens Ring and cap to protect the GoPro glass dome.

  • Round Lens Ring with six screw holes. attach to GoPro clear case and HEADCASE PRO
  • Round, 55mm threaded, glass filter retainer ring
  • 2x watertight rubber o-rings
  • Rubber donut plug to fill gopro glass dome cavity
  • 3mm thick, round glass filter with anti-reflective coating
  • Lens cap

S lens ring